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Evaluation of the Interdisciplinary Study and Teaching Conditions

The studies and teaching unit coordinates the university-wide evaluation of the study and teaching conditions. The results, in combination with other data, form the basis for a continuous improvement process of the FH Potsdam and its degree programmes.

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Evaluation Process

The evaluation of the study and teaching conditions is based on the following three-pillar model:

  1. Evaluation of study and teaching conditions (student, graduate and teacher surveys)
  2. Evaluation of the study programmes
  3. Course evaluation.

The evaluation of the study and teaching conditions is carried out throughout the university. It serves to review and further develop the study and teaching conditions in the overall view of the FH Potsdam. In order to enable long-term studies and a more target group-specific evaluation, the panel survey method is used. The results of the individual surveys and the panel are processed by the ZESL and forwarded to the president's council, the departments and the student representatives for further use (deadline: 30.11).

Schedule for University-Wide Surveys (2023-2030)

University-Wide Surveys

The annual survey of first-year students identifies motives for choosing a university and possible barriers to entry. Furthermore, student satisfaction is evaluated. The survey takes place at the beginning of the winter semester and is aimed at all first-year students.


The study section survey, which takes place every second year, serves to evaluate the study and learning conditions in order to optimise them as well as the service offer. Furthermore, statements and trends on structural conditions are recorded on a departmental basis. Students in their third/fifth Bachelor's or second/fourth Master's semester are surveyed.

A survey of graduates is conducted every two years. The aims are a retrospective evaluation of the study programme (e.g. studyability, acquired qualifications) and the determination of the professional career of the graduates in order to obtain information for the continuous improvement of the study programmes and the framework conditions.

A teacher survey takes place every three years. The aim is, on the one hand, to reflect the teachers' perspective on everyday teaching and, on the other hand, to give the participants the opportunity to give feedback on their personal experiences. In addition, a reflection of one's own actions can take place. All teachers who are active in teaching in the current semester are surveyed.

Programme and Course Evaluation

The annual evaluation of the degree programmes as well as the course evaluation that takes place every semester are the responsibility of the departments or those responsible for the degree programmes.

For the regular evaluation and further development of the degree programmes, closed meetings and meetings of degree programme commissions take place, among other things. The results of the programme evaluations are submitted by the deans to the president's council in aggregated form (see PDF form) together with those of the course evaluations in preparation for the strategy talks (deadline: 30.11.).

The evaluation of individual courses takes place every semester in accordance with the department-specific regulations. The deans are responsible for this. The aim is to establish a student assessment of the quality of the courses and the teaching of content and competences. The students can systematically and anonymously name existing strengths and weaknesses of individual courses and thus initiate improvements in teaching or contribute to the continuation of good course concepts. The teachers receive information about their courses and use this for individual further development.

The results of the course evaluations are sent in aggregated form together with those of the programme evaluations to the president's council by the deans in preparation for the strategy talks (deadline: 30.11.).


No. 444
Satzung zur Evaluation von Studium und Lehre des Fachbereichs Sozial- und Bildungswissenschaften der Fachhochschule Potsdam „Lehr- und Studienqualität sichern und fördern“ (PDF, 539.25 KB)
Die Evaluationssatzung des Fachbereichs Sozial- und Bildungswissenschaften regelt Evaluationen am Fachbereich, die der Qualitätsentwicklung von Lehre und Studium dienen. Allgemeine FHP-Regelungen: ABK Nr. 339 vom 18.12.2018
No. 451
451 - Satzung zur Evaluation von Studium und Lehre des Fachbereichs Stadt | Bau | Kultur an der Fachhochschule Potsdam (PDF, 539.38 KB)
Evaluation von Lehre und Studium/Studienbedingungen am Fachbereich Stadt | Bau | Kultur der Fachhochschule Potsdam


Quality Management for Studies & Teaching

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Head of Quality Management for Studies and Teaching
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