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Workshop Empowerment for Women with Life Design

Collage einer erhobenen Faust mit blumigen Elementen, pinkem Hintergrund und der Aufschrift Life Design

Online workshop as part of International Women's Day with career counsellor Sylvia Peschke-Büchel, who provides guidance on how women can design their own lives.

The workshop is aimed at women in transitional situations or in search and idea-finding processes who would like to understand themselves better and get ideas for possible work and life models.

With the help of successful creativity techniques from design thinking, the participants work on a very personal answer to the two big questions: How do I want to live and how do I want to work?

Life design = time to rethink!

Business coach Sylvia Peschke-Büchel applies the creative method of design thinking to life design and provides new creative impetus. She knows that it is not always easy to really think freely, and so we often end up doing the same thing again. At this point, the group is used to create new ideas or to put old ideas to the test. This includes the basic principles of design thinking "Kill your darlings – the first idea is not always the best" and "Just do it – I start, test and then implement".

Registration via e-mail, stating your name (possibly degree programme and semester) to:

Note: The online workshop is taking place as part of International Women's Day and is aimed exclusively at women or anyone who defines themselves as female. All others who are interested in the topic are of course not excluded and are welcome to register for the second date on 23rd of May 2024. The event is a free offer from the EXIST Women programme and is aimed at anyone interested in the topic of life design. The lecture will take place online via Zoom. The access link will be sent after successful registration.

Target audience: University members Public

07/03/2024, 10.30 am – 2.30 pm

Workshop Life Design

Location: Online
Raum: via Zoom


ZEGM – Start-up and Management Qualification Unit

Room 3.01
Anke Lüers-Salzmann
Project coordination ESF and EXIST, initial consultation