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Here you will find a current overview of selected projects at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. You can filter the projects by departments and degree programs, by project type, or by content focus.

    Urnenprojekt Sepulcrum Gewinnerurne

    sepulcrum – Biodegradable Urns for Humans or Animals

    In the "sepulcrum" seminar, contemporary and biodegradable urns for humans or animals were designed in cooperation with the family business and urn manufacturer Völsing. In a final presentation with jury meeting at the Baumschulenweg crematorium, the best urn designs were awarded prizes.

    Redesign (ein Konzept) für die „Die Eisfrau GmbH “ in Potsdam

    Redesign for "Die Eisfrau GmbH"

    Design of an individual rebranding for the manufactory "Die Eisfrau GmbH" in the communication design course at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.

    »Das Neue Gartenfeld« – Resilienz und Transformation urbaner Strukturen. Die Studierenden des Lehrprojektes posieren mit den Lehrenden der FHP in einer Fabrikhalle in Berlin für das Foto

    "Das Neue Gartenfeld" – Resilience and Transformation of Urban Structures

    Design and research project work based on the planned urban neighbourhood "Das Neue Gartenfeld" in Berlin-Spandau – a real-life laboratory of urban innovation and an arena for social debate.

    Titelbild der Ausstellung Metall im Fluss. Vom Guss zur Form

    Metal in Flux. From Casting to Mould

    An exhibition project with the Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin with the question: What potential do archives have for designers and what new types of design processes can be conceived in art casting?

    Screenshot aus dem Film "Workshop - Schule Am Schloß - Gemeinsam diskutierten wir, wie sie werden soll" des Projektes Pädagogische Architektur - Wie soll in Zukunft gelernt und gelehrt werden und welche baulichen Auswirkungen resultieren daraus?

    Pedagogical Architecture – Participation in School Building Construction

    How should learning and teaching be carried out in the future and what structural effects will result from this?

    Scan (vom Mikrofilm) aus einer Akte des Hochbaubestands

    Digitisation of Archival Material in the Brandenburg State Archives (BLHA)

    Gentle digitisation and sustainable use of digitised files.