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Here you will find a current overview of selected projects at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. You can filter the projects by departments and degree programs, by project type, or by content focus.

    Fotografie des »Haus in der Sonne« in Potsdam-Babelsberg, 1913–14

    The Architect Emilie Winkelmann: Work, Influence and Impact

    Emilie Winkelmann (1875 – 1951) was the first woman to open her own architectural practice in Germany in 1907. At a time when women could only enrol at German universities in exceptional cases and the professional field of architecture was still entirely in the hands of men, Winkelmann was able to establish herself as a sought-after architect in Berlin. The project focuses on her built work, her…

    Gemeinschaftsraum im Neubauquartier „WagnisART“

    IGiQ – Infrastructures of the Common in Community-Oriented Neighbourhood Development

    Investigation of the potentials and implementation barriers for the realisation of "Infrastrukturen des Gemeinsamen".

    Keyvisual des Forschungsprojekts "Umweltbedingte Degradation"

    Natural Sciences | Environmental Degradation of Synthetic Conservation and Restoration Materials

    Acquisition – model conservation and restoration on selected examples – digital knowledge transfer

    Übersetzung des abgebildeten Archivplans in eine Neuzeichnung


    Urban space and housing types for the young metropolis 1890-1940

    Centrum für Metropolinnovation in Bratislava

    CMI.BA – Center for Metropolitan Innovation in Bratislava

    Model project of an ecologically and socially sustainable building modernization of the Nová Cvernovka Foundation in Bratislava, Slovakia

    Bild der Lacktafelwand im Labor- und Werkstattgebäude der FH Potsdam

    Wood | Investigation of the Ageing of Binders in Wood Preservation

    As part of the Art Technology and Working Techniques module, students have been working with selected recipes of coating materials from the 19th century, interpreting them and implementing them as accurately as possible.

    Nahaufnahme Stuck

    Natural Sciences | Thermal Analysis of Historical and Modern Building Materials

    Modern thermoanalytical methods are used to analyse and research both historical and modern building materials, plastics and building material recycling. In addition, the measuring system is suitable for the targeted development of new modern materials.

    Ansicht des Reliefs von Christus in der Kelter des Steinernen Albums in Großjena.

    Stone | Stone Record in Großjena

    Care and conservation of anthropogenically damaged and already restored natural stone objects against the special background of their integration into surrounding moisture and salt transport processes using the example of the Steinernen Album in Großjena

    Research Work by the FH Potsdam in Uzbekistan

    Since 2002, professors from the departments of CITY | BUILDING |CULTURE and Civil Engineering have been cooperating with various universities in Uzbekistan. This has resulted in various projects.