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Here you will find a current overview of selected projects at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. You can filter the projects by departments and degree programs, by project type, or by content focus.

    Bildauswahl aus dem Archiv des Fotografen Frédéric Brenner

    GraDiM: Granularities of Dispersion and Materiality – Visualising a Photo Archive on Diaspora

    In collaboration with photographer Frédéric Brenner and his international project team, the GraDiM research project is developing theoretical and technical concepts for the visualisation of a photo archive with particular sensitivity for a collection documenting the Jewish diaspora.

    Fünf Karten mit Visualisierungen zu Energie, Mobilität, Abfall, Landwirtschaft und Gebäude

    CLIMATE MAPS: Visualising Local Climate Futures

    Cooperation with the daily newspapers taz and UCLAB with the aim of conveying climate information via various channels using data visualisations. For this purpose, both physical and digital postcards with visualisations on different aspects of climate protection in Germany were designed and produced.

    Vernetzen-Verstehen-Vermitteln: Amazonien als Zukunftslabor

    Amazonia as a Laboratory for the Future – Networking-Understanding-Communicating

    Starting from collection objects, overcome borders and create spaces of networking, understanding and mediation.

    Gemäldecollage aus der Sammlung-Modebild

    Restaging Fashion – Digital Contextualisation of Vestimentary Sources

    The interdisciplinary research and digitalisation project "Restaging Fashion. Visualisation of Vestimentary Sources" (ReFa) has developed explorative approaches to holdings from the Berlin Art Library with its collection Modebild – Lipperheide Costume Library and from the Fabrics collection of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nuremberg.

    Logo des Forschungsprojekts "DataSkop"

    DataSkop — What Happens to My Data?

    The BMBF-funded project DataSkop focuses on the potential of innovative user interfaces and visualisations to promote the digital sovereignty of users.

    Medienkollisionen als Innovationstreiber

    COLLISIONS – Media Collisions as Innovation Drivers for New Approaches to Cultural Heritage

    The project explores the potential of immersion and narration for visualising and making available cultural assets.

    Schriftzug "Zugang Einbeziehung Teilhabe Anerkennung"

    Inter...what? Intersectionality! A Visual Introduction

    What is intersectionality? How are discrimination and privilege related? What does intersectional discrimination mean? These questions are answered in the web-based article "Inter...was? Intersektionalität! – Eine visuelle Einführung" answers them. With a combination of text, animated illustration and interactive data visualisation, it offers an introduction to the socially relevant topic of…

    Logo des Forschungsprojekts "Visuelle und dynamische Arrangements von Nachrichten"

    VIDAN: Visual and Dynamic Arrangements of Messages

    VIDAN develops new interaction and visualisation techniques for the representation and exploration of complex data

    Logo des Forschungsprojekts "Interfaces to Data for Historical Social Network Analysis and Research"

    SoNAR (IDH): Interfaces to Data for Historical Social Network Analysis and Research

    Project to investigate and demonstrate a research technology for historical network analysis

    Screenshot des Forschungsprojekts "Lesespuren: Fontanes Handbibliothek visualisieren"

    Reading Traces: Visualising Fontane's Reference Library

    Research cooperation with the Theodor Fontane Archive Potsdam

    Quadratische Bildausschnitte sind in ihren unterschiedlichen Größen zu einem mosaikartigen Layout zusammengefügt

    Close-Up Cloud: An Experimental Visualisation for Exploring Image Collections

    The Close-Up Cloud introduces a visualisation approach that challenges the separation of overview and detail. For this, the iconographic details of images are summarised to reveal visual patterns in a collection and to stimulate exploration through the holdings.

    Logo des Forschungsprojekts "Visualisierung bibliographischer Daten und Inhalte"

    Visualisation of Bibliographic Data and Content

    Cooperation with the German National Library to research interactive visualisations of a comprehensive bibliographic collection