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Grief at the Workplace

expert, empathetic, practice-orientated
Tröstende Hände

Every year, around one million people die in Germany, 10 – 20 % of whom are of working age. And at least as many people grieve. This poses a particular challenge for companies. What is an appropriate way to deal with death and grief in everyday working life? How can a respectful condolence be organised? What do the colleagues and team left behind need? How should the deceased be remembered? How do you deal with grief in the workplace? How can we create a corporate culture that combines work and grief in a meaningful way?

Start: Winter 2024
New dates on request
Certificate Course
University certificate

Completed studies or professional experience (required qualification obtained on the job)

  • Prof. Dr. Karin Borck

    We have to be honest: serious illnesses, crises, death and grief – they don't really fit into our idea of a career. Death and grief are unsettling, they disrupt our usual routines and all certainties seem lost. This topic will occupy us even more in the future.

    Prof. Dr. Karin Borck
    Scientific management

At a glance

The training programme provides knowledge about grief in the context of professional life, about the stages of grief, the importance of rituals and ways of shaping a culture of remembrance. Appropriate verbal and written forms of communication are practised, intercultural knowledge is acquired and legal principles are taught. The connection between bereavement counselling and occupational health management (OHM) is demonstrated. The exchange of experiences between the participants is encouraged and supported, and excursions are also organised, for example to a cemetery or a palliative care unit.


  • practice-orientated
  • work on case studies and participants' topics
  • plenary discussions, small group work, exercises, role play
  • excursions

Target groups

  • specialists and managers from the fields of personnel development, health management as well as
  • coaches, counsellors, psychologists, teachers, therapists and doctors

Registration & Information

ZEW – Further Education Unit

Room 1.10