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Curate, Conceive, Organise and Realise Exhibitions

The basics of curating
Raum in Galerie mit weißen Wänden und Bänken

The exhibition system has experienced an astonishing boom in recent decades that continues to this day. Even in the classical museum, the original functions – collecting, preserving and showing – are shifting in favour of showing and presenting. Not only in museum and exhibition halls, but also in other public and private institutions, temporary exhibitions take place or are installed as permanent facilities. Exhibitions and presentations increasingly serve as instruments of public relations and image promotion. Museums and exhibition spaces become places of encounter and exchange beyond what is shown there.

11 - 15/03/2024
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Completed studies or vocational training and professional experience

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1,090 Euro


Recognised in Brandenburg and Berlin

Unsere Lehrenden
  • Kuratorin Simone Oelker vor Kunstwerk in Museum
    © Clara Czychowski

    Die Kunst, einen roten Faden für Ihre Ausstellung zu entwickeln und Ihre Zielgruppe zu begeistern, dies vermittelt Ihnen unsere Weiterbildung.

    Dr. Simone Oelker, Kursleitung

At a glance

What distinguishes a successful exhibition? What do I have to consider from the exhibition idea to its realisation? The training covers everything from the beginnings of the history of exhibitions to the finished exhibition product. The contents will be taught in a practice-oriented way and with numerous exhibition examples. Participants will have the opportunity to present and develop their own projects.
The five-day seminar series takes place compactly in one seminar week. The seminar time is set at 9.30 am - 5.00 pm.

Target group

People who want to gain insights into the approach, planning and implementation of exhibitions. The prerequisite for participation in this further training is a completed degree or vocational training and professional experience.


  • Ursula Breymayer (course leader)
  • Dr. Simone Oelker-Czychowski (course leader)
  • Ingo Plato, Architect BDA, Cologne

Visits to exhibitions and discussions with museum staff offer further opportunities to look behind the scenes of the exhibition business. The lecturers, curators and exhibition designers have been working in the exhibition sector for over 30 years. They explain the contents using their own projects.


  • Austausch mit erfahrenen Kurator*innen und Ausstellungsarchitekt*innen
  • Ausstellungs- und Depotbesuche mit Blick hinter die Kulissen des Kuratierens
  • Struktur für Ihre Ausstellungsarbeit
  • Diskussionen zu aktuellen Fragestellungen des Ausstellungsmachens
  • Inspirationen und Material zu Konzeption und Realisierung einer Ausstellung


  • How it all began: a brief history of exhibitions
  • Occasions, themes & target groups for exhibitions
  • Exhibition formats, organisers and commissioners

  • From the exhibition idea to the exhibition concept
  • What costs what? Finances & costs
  • Exhibits: How do I find exhibits and what do I need to consider?
  • Loans and the right loan contract
  • Exhibition script: a "film" for the exhibits
  • Everything in view: Timetable

  • Exhibition design: Implementation of the concept
  • How do I find the right exhibition designers?
  • Exhibition texts: the art of the right words
  • Printed matter: poster, flyer, catalogue
  • Social media: What else can be used to promote an exhibition?
  • Museum educational activities: Guided tour live & digital
  • Merchandising: special ideas are needed!
  • Finale: exhibition set-up, press relations, opening, supporting and accompanying programme
Foto von Simone Oelker vor Mauer
© Clara Czychowski

In fünf Tagen das Einmaleins des Kuratierens lernen: Das erwartet die Teilnehmenden im März 2024

Von der Teilnehmerin zur Initiatorin: Vor einigen Jahren absolvierte die freiberufliche Kuratorin Dr. Simone Oelker eine Weiterbildung an der Fachhochschule Potsdam. Inspiriert durch den Kurs, rief sie das "Einmaleins des Kuratierens" ins Leben. Im Interview verrät sie, wie die Idee zur Weiterbildung entstand und worauf sich Interessierte 2024 freuen dürfen.

Zum Interview mit Simone Oelker

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