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Student recherchiert in Bibliothek der FH Potsdam

Libraries bundle large amounts of diverse information and make them accessible to their users. They thus make a valuable contribution to the understanding of the past, present and future.

As a library scientist you not only hold the key to this knowledge in hands, but you also produce it and thus play an active role in shaping the transfer of information.

Bachelor of Arts
Full time
Course language:
Standard study period:
7 semesters
Start of study:
Winter semester
Application deadline:
15.6. – 15.8.(NC Free).
Admission requirements:
General university entrance qualification/technical college entrance qualification/equivalently recognized prior vocational training
210 ECTS credits (NC-Free)
Module Manuals & Regulations
The Study

Create information spaces

Library scientists ensure the high quality of the information offered by academic libraries. They ensure that these information collections are available to both current users and future generations. In the library science program, you will learn how to structure, process, network and make information available using the latest technologies. In addition, you will acquire the knowledge and skills to align library services with the information behavior and needs of your target groups in academic libraries.

Interest in people and technology is in demand

The Library Science program places particular emphasis on the acquisition of extensive digital skills. Web technologies play a major role here, as does the use of digital tools and critical reflection on our information society and its digital communication and information practices.
In addition, the development of competencies for systematically organizing large amounts of information, for networking and making information visible is the focus of the course. Excursions and internships allow you to apply learned knowledge and provide insights into your future professional life – primarily in academic libraries.

The study of library sciences suits you if you have a certain affinity for technology as well as a structured, analytical and conceptual way of thinking. In addition, you should have an interest in communicating with people as well as a concentrated desire to work independently or as part of a team. An open-minded attitude towards digital content and technologies is a prerequisite, as you will learn how to combine information with digitality in a user-friendly way both in theory and in the practical parts of the program.

Is this course of study a good fit for you?

You want to learn more about the Library Sciences program, get opinions and tips from students and lecturers, or take a look at typical study assignments?

With the Online Study Selection Assistant OSA you can test whether the study program suits you.

To the OSA

Podcast of the Campus Specialists

Santiago studies library sciences and is one of our campus specialists who talk about their courses in their podcast. Together with Carolin, who studies archival sciences, he talks about the courses and university life.

To the podcast


The colleagues of the Student Counselling Service inform prospective students, first-year students, parents, teachers and students on all general questions about the study. For specific questions and concerns about the degree program, please contact the Student Counselling Service for Library Sciences.

Student Counselling Service

Prof. Dr. Antje Michel

Prof. Dr. Antje Michel

Professorin für Informationsdidaktik und Wissenstransfer

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Career Prospects

Career Prospects

The successful completion of your bachelor's degree enables you to work in academic general and special libraries or research institutions. But also a job as an independent service provider or in a company, for example a law firm or a pharmaceutical company, are possible due to your acquired core competencies.

Working in academic libraries

  • University libraries 
  • Libraries in research institutions 
  • Academic general libraries


Work in special libraries, institutions or companies

  • Parliaments 
  • Courts 
  • Museums
  • Associations 
  • private companies 
  • independent service 
  • Portrait von Bibliothekswissenschaft-Studentin Tabea in der Bibliothek

    I gained work experience throughout my studies, first at the Grimm Center in Berlin and then, since my internship semester until today, to my great delight, at the Fontane Archive in Potsdam. But now I'm still going to do my master's degree at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam after I finish my bachelor's degree.

    Student in 7th semester
  • Student Daniel (Informations- und Datenmabagement)

    In the course of my studies, I got deep insights into public and academic libraries and learned to work in and with them. With the Bachelor I am also equipped for the Master.

    have actually all doors open.

    Student in 6th semester

These degree programs might also interest you

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Degree program Teaching language Start of study Application deadline
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06/15 – 08/15 (NC-free).
BA Information Studies German Winter semester
BA Information Studies (NC free)
BA Library Sciences German Winter semester
15.6. – 15.8.(NC Free).
Study Contents

Course of Studies

The standard period of study for the full-time program in Library Sciences is seven semesters and concludes with a Bachelor of Arts degree. The program consists of basic compulsory modules, subject-specific compulsory and elective modules as well as a freely configurable extension area, practice-oriented project modules, two internships and is completed with the writing of a bachelor's thesis. Subsequently, a Master's degree in Information Sciences can be obtained.


1st   2nd

Fundamental studies, internship

3rd   4th semester integrative and subject-specific immersion
5th semester internship semester
6.  7th semester Intensification of subject content and key skills, projects, bachelor thesis 

Study Contents

In the subject of library sciences, different forms of teaching and learning are used to enable knowledge to be imparted in a practical way. In addition to the classic basic training, you will also learn the methodology that is important for working in the field of librarianship in practical modules.


  • Information society
  • Media
  • Web technology & information systems
  • Fundamentals of indexing 

  • Information resources/services 

  • scientific work 

  • Statistics 

  • Management

  • Law

  • Specialized English 

Subject modules

  • Library Technology 

  • library content indexing 

  • Inventory management 

  • Research methods 

  • electronic publishing 

  • library information services 

  • metadata 

  • Information behavior and the sociology of science 

  • Mediation and information literacy 

Elective Modules

  • Public relations & fundraising
  • Conservation of historic written materials
  • Image and museum documentation
  • semantic technologies
  • project work
  • information visualization
  • digital long-term archiving & research data management
  • subject retrieval

Projects & Excursions

  • depending on current topics, cooperation partners and research projects

Extension Area

  • Attendance of subject-related events of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam or other universities or professional associations
  • Participation in interdisciplinary teaching and learning offer of the university


  • Two internships: six weeks after the 2nd semester and 20 weeks in the 5th semester

More information


  • writing a bachelor thesis and defending it 

Module Manuals & Regulations

For a detailed description of the course content, such as study plans and descriptions of individual modules in the Library Sciences program, please refer to the module handbook, the subject-specific study and examination regulations, and the internship regulations.

Module handbook for the bachelor of library sciences: 

Internship regulations for the bachelor of library sciences: 


Application & Enrollment

Application & Enrollment

There is no separate application procedure for the BA Library Sciences program. Enrollment is always possible from 15.06. to 15.08. for the next winter semester. Applications for a higher semester are open from 15.05. to 15.07. possible.
If you meet the admission requirements, you can submit an enrollment application. Please note the following information specific to your program of study:

Access Requirements

To enroll in the open-admission bachelor's program in library sciences, you need a university entrance qualification according to Brandenburg Higher Education Act. This University entrance qualification includes the general university entrance qualification or university of applied sciences entrance qualification or previous vocational training recognized as equivalent.

Enrollment Application

The enrollment application is submitted online at the MyCampus university portal of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. After entering the information required for enrollment, an enrollment application is created. This application must be signed and submitted to University of Applied Sciences Potsdam by mail together with the university entrance qualification in paper form. Please refer to the enrollment application if you need to submit additional documents. The deadline for submission is the last day of the enrollment period. The date of receipt at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam is decisive.

Documents to be submitted

  • Officially certified copy of the university entrance qualification or the university degree certificate 
  • Insurance certificate of the statutory health insurance for students or proof of exemption from the statutory insurance obligation
  • Deposit slip or order confirmation of the semester fee
  • picture for the Campus.Card
  • If applicable, exmatriculation certificate from the last university attended
  • If applicable, further documents according to enrollment application

General information on application and enrollment procedures

There are various application procedures at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. General information on application and enrollment procedures as well as information on part-time studies, guest auditorships, and second degree studies can be found on the general application pages.

General information about the application

International Applicants

You would like to apply for studies from the first or a apply for a higher semester and have obtained your high school diploma and/or university degree abroad? Then you can have degrees and achievements acquired abroad recognized and study with us.

Application information for internationals


Student Counselling Service

Student Counselling Service for Library Sciences

Prof. Dr. Antje Michel

Prof. Dr. Antje Michel

Professorin für Informationsdidaktik und Wissenstransfer