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Digital Data Management

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Would you like to learn more about data management concepts and technologies in science, the public sector, culture and business? With our unique offer, you can take individual modules of the master's programme digital data management as continuing education courses with a university certificate.

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University Certificate

So far, the master's is very well structured, professionally organised and the lecturers are really well prepared. I am looking forward to the next semesters!

Feedback from the training
First semester survey 2022

At a glance

  • People interested in data management, processing, analysis and provision in the domains of research, culture and economy
  • Research officers, employees in research services and science management
  • Data producers (e.g. digitisation labs, administrations, research institutions), data processors in the public, cultural and economic sector
  • Employees of service institutions of the information infrastructure (libraries, museums, archives, documentation institutions, other scientific information institutions)
  • Employees in small, medium and large companies in the data service sector (publishing houses, pharmaceutical companies, etc.)

The following modules can be booked as further training:

  • Module 1: Framework conditions of data management
  • Module 3: Data management technologies
  • Module 5: Methods of Data Management

For a detailed module description, please refer to the current module handbook of the further education degree programme digital data management.

Current dates can be found further on this page under.

  • Relevant university degree
  • Professional experience desirable, but not mandatory

The modules are designed according to the principle of blended learning. The presentations primarily serve as an introduction to the topics, reflection, exercises and exchange among each other. Between the presentations, the students and participants work independently. They are supported by a learning platform and accompanied by teachers.

Attendance and self-study are in a ratio of 1:4, i.e. on average 80 hours of learning time for preparation and follow-up are added to the 20 hours of seminar events in Potsdam or Berlin.

We recommend that you bring your own laptop to the classroom sessions.

All module courses of the subject modules 1, 3 and 5 are assessed with 4 ECTS credits each. Participants who additionally successfully pass the module examination with a further 4 credits receive an overall certificate for a total of 20 credits.

Participants who complete all courses of a module have the option of completing the module as a whole with the module examination. If the examination is also passed successfully, participants receive a university certificate.

The continuing education programmes of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam are recognised according to the educational exemption regulations in Brandenburg and Berlin.

In principle, it is possible to apply for successfully completed modules to be recognised as academic achievements and - if all admission requirements are met - to enrol in a higher semester. This requires that a study place is available at that time.

The fee for the module courses is 770 euros each. The total fee for an entire module with four module courses is 4 x 770 = 3,080 euros.

In addition to participation in the teaching dates, this amount includes all documentation and, if applicable, further support services as well as the use of the learning platform. The training is exempt from VAT.

A fee of 100 euros is charged for taking the module examination (after attending all four module courses from modules 1, 3 and 5).

The registration deadline for the individual module areas is 6 weeks before the respective start.

Please use the registration form  for this and send it by post (address in the form) or by e-mail (scan or digitally filled out) to Beatrice Jurth.

DDM as further education takes place as part of the degree programme.

You can view the dates here!

Registration & Information

ZEW – Further Education Unit

Room 1.10
Beatrice Jurth, M.A.
Coordination of the Further Education Unit (ZEW)