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Coordinator in the Family Council

in network conferences and gathering methods of helping

The further education programme enables social work professionals to implement family councils and other forms of assistance planning that extend the circle as coordinators/initiators or commissioners.

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University Certificate

Completed studies or vocational training and professional experience

Participation fee:

1,890 euros


Recognised in Brandenburg and Berlin

Portrait Querformat Hubert Höllmüller

Der Familienrat ist ein echter game-changer: Er gibt in der klaren Rahmung des Kinderschutzes den Familiensystemen die Kompetenz und das Recht zurück, ihre Herausforderungen selber zu lösen. Das ist gelebte Partizipation auf Augenhöhe, das, was die Soziale Arbeit seit Jahrzehnten fordert. Ask the family!


FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Hubert Höllmüller, M. Sc.
Wissenschaftliche Leitung

At a glance

As early as the 1990s, the New Zealand legislature introduced a radical change in help planning for youth welfare offices and family courts: the Family Group Conference (FGC). This realised an unprecedented level of participation of children, young people and parents in their help planning. The legally anchored administrative procedure guarantees those concerned autonomy in developing their own plans. Professionals are not present in the planning phases but agree to the plan. FGC thrives on involving as many people as possible in the assistance process. In educational assistance, it is a circle-expanding and self-empowering alternative to help plan meetings.
In criminal law, it helps all those who have been affected by a crime. Together, they work on the consequences of the crime with the help of a support network (restorative justice).

Personal future planning is similar to the family council. Mainly used in the field of integration support, it develops a good future for people with impairments and disabilities with an extended circle of people and supporters. In neighbourhood circles, disputing people are offered a space to meet in order to develop a peaceful coexistence again.

Network conferences carry the participation and involvement of many. They are gathering methods of helping that unleash a great empowerment of those affected and their guests.


  • theoretische und praxisorientierte Inputs
  • Arbeit an Fallbeispielen und Themen der Teilnehmenden
  • Diskussionen im Plenum, Kleingruppenarbeit, Übungen, Rollenspiel

Target group

This course is primarily aimed at social work professionals who want to implement family councils and other forms of assistance planning in their professional practice as coordinators/initiators or commissioners. The prerequisite for participation in this further training is a completed degree or vocational training and relevant professional experience.

Termine & Zeitplan

32 Seminarstunden

Seminarzeiten (online)
Do – Fr, 15 – 19 Uhr

Modul 1 07. – 08.03.
Modul 2 11. – 12.04.
Modul 3 16. – 17.05.

Seminarzeiten (Präsenz)
Fr, 9.30 – 17 Uhr

  Kurs 11
Modul 4 14.06.         


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