Afghan Conflict

A Map of Possible Scenarios

Since the terroristic attack on the World Trade Center on september 11th, 2001 and the following invasion by the Allied forces in Afghanistan in order to fight the Taliban regime and Al-Quaida, the Western countries are involved in an ongoing conflict which seems to have no end.

After nine years of war the situation still remains unstable. The set up afghan government turns out to be corrupt and more and more people are dying on both sides. Which again provides radical Islamist groups an even better and stronger breeding ground for their resistance.

The Afghan Conflict – A Map of Possible Scenarios starts with the current Timeline, a single line on the map. Which then splits into more and more possible future scenarios currently discussed. The scenarios split and join, or lead to other ones according to events that may take place or decisions made. The design is pure and minimalistic, using only lines and typographic elements, which does not resemble the ugliness of a war, but helps understanding a complex structure of problems without being visually manipulated by polemic images.


Lehrende(r) / Projektleiter(in)


  • Marc Tiedemann
  • Karen Hentschel
  • Pierre La Baume




  • 01.10.2009 - 20.02.2010
  • WS 2010/11



  • Typ : Studienarbeit
  • Status : abgeschlossen


  • Visualisierung
  • Politik
  • Medienbildung