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All Persons of the Social and Educational Sciences Department

On this page you will find all professors, academic and non-academic staff, committee members and former staff of the Social and Educational Sciences Department. Lecturers for the current semester are listed here.

    Name Info
    Prof. Dr. Judith Ackermann
    Research Professor for Digital Media and Performance in Social Work
    Head of the Senate
    Member of the Faculty Council
    Academic assistant
    Marta Domurat-Linde
    Academic staff member in the local office Luckenwalde
    Benjamin Egger, M.A.
    Academic assistant in the Digital Participation and Inclusion (dpi) Lab project
    Ramiro Glauer
    Member of the "EQUIP" project
    Prof. Dr. Tanja Salem
    Professor of Theory and Practice of Childhood Education
    Head of the degree programme Education and Childhood Development (B.A.)
    Member of the Faculty Council
    Franziska Schmeja
    Member of the FAMteam
    Prof. Dr. Stefan Thomas
    Professor for Empirical Social Research and Social Work
    Vice-Chairman of the Audit Committee