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Digital Data Management (M. A.)

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The professional world is undergoing rapid change; irreversibly triggered by digitalisation. With the Master's programme Digital Data Management (DDM) you are optimally qualified for this future. You will systematically expand your professional skills, which will successfully and permanently advance you in your career.

DDM is an exclusive further education programme for data managers of the next generation.

Master of Arts
Full time
Advanced Master's program
Course language:
Standard study period:
4 semesters
Start of study:
Summer semester
Application deadline:
Note: No enrolment for summer semester 2024
Admission requirements:
First professional university degree, at least 12 months of study-relevant work experience
120 ECTS credits
Module Manuals & Regulations

Unique in Germany

The Master's programme expands the range of profiled library and information science programmes at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin and the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam with a specialised and innovative focus on digital data management. DDM is unique in Germany. The degree programme is the result of cooperation between two internationally leading library and information science institutes.

The combination of already existing competences from research, teaching and projects from an excellent research university with an application-oriented university of applied sciences unites the specialist and methodological knowledge necessary for the profile. You will be accompanied by experienced and highly qualified lecturers from theory, research and practice.

The postgraduate Master's programme in Digital Data Management is a decisive lever for your further career and prepares you optimally for future tasks in the field of data management. This will give you a solid head start.

Website Master's Programme Digital Data Management

Learning in a personal atmosphere

Within four semesters, you will learn fundamental scientific, ethical, organisational, legal and technological aspects and methods of data management such as data literacy, research data management, statistics, open access/open data. In real labs, what you learn is put directly into practice with users from science and industry. As a small degree programme with 30 admissions and a fixed timetable, the programme allows for intensive learning and a personal atmosphere between students and lecturers.

In addition, the programme is open to you even if you are not primarily aiming for an academic degree, but would like to further your education within the subject matter. In this case, individual module courses can be booked as certified continuing education courses.

Our topics are particularly interesting for research officers, employees in research services or the information infrastructure, data producers or processors and others.

Digital Data Management as an in-service training course!

Study or modular further education? You decide!

You are not yet sure whether a degree programme suits you or you would like to try out first whether the contents and the lecturers suit you? We offer the possibility of flexible learning: instead of the complete study programme, you can book selected modules or module courses individually and complete them with a certificate of attendance or a university certificate – so that you can align your qualification needs with what is important to you at the moment.

Would you like to complete the entire programme later? No problem, because we can recognise credits.

Studying with a tailwind – Xour advantages at a glance

  • This Master's programme makes all the difference, because there is nothing comparable in Germany.
  • Novel: The Master's programme has a unique selling proposition on the data management unique selling point on the continuing education market for data management.
  • Booster for your career: With the Master's programme you have excellent opportunities on the job market.
  • On the pulse of timeBring your skills and knowledge up to date.
  • Transfer new impulses immediately into practice - with case studies and, above all, the practical application of the contents taught.
  • Individual support: Benefit from personal contact persons.
  • Internationally renowned lecturers and experts from theory, research and practice: You will acquire specialist knowledge at a high academic level. at a high academic level and can apply it directly in practice.

Two universities – one degree

The Master's programme in Digital Data Management (DDM) is a joint programme offered by the Institute of Library and Information Science of the Faculty of Humanities at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU Berlin) and the Information Sciencs Department at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. The central programme management is carried out by the Further Education Unit at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. Upon successful completion of the Master's programme, you will receive graduation documents issued by both universities.


The colleagues at the Student Counselling Service provide information to prospective students, first-year students, parents, teachers and students on all general questions about the degree programme. If you have specific questions or concerns about the Master's programme in Digital Data Management, please contact the Subject Counselling Service.

Student Counselling Service

Beatrice Jurth, M.A.

Beatrice Jurth

Coordination of the Further Education Unit (ZEW)

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Digital Data Management (M. A.) German Summer semester
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Career prospects

Fields of work in public and scientific institutions

  • Authorities
  • Research institutions
  • Parliaments
  • Museums
  • Archives
  • Libraries

Fields of work in private and commercial enterprises

  • Internet service providers such as web agencies
  • Software producers
  • Database developers
  • Corporations
  • Press and broadcasting companies
  • Picture and news agencies
  • Publishing houses
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Management consultancies

These degree programmes might also interest you

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Degree programme Teaching language Start of study Application deadline
Archival Sciences (MA) German Winter semester
22/05 – 30/06/ in odd-numbered calendar years (admission restricted)
Digital Data Management (M. A.) German Summer semester
Note: No enrolment for summer semester 2024
Study content

Course of studies

The standard period of study for the full-time degree programme Digital Data Management is four semesters and concludes with a Master of Arts (M. A.). A subsequent doctorate is possible after completing the Master's programme in Digital Data Management.

Semester 1

Subject module, design project

Semester 2 Subject module, compulsory elective module
Semester 3 Subject module, transfer project
Semester 4 Final module, including Master's thesis and defence

It is possible to attend a complete module (M1, M3, M5) or individual module courses from the modules mentioned in the sense of a continuing education course and then have them certified. A module examination is recommended if you wish to have the module courses credited as examination performance. The prerequisite is that you have passed all four module courses of the module. You will receive a university certificate issued by both universities.

Further information on the Digital Data Management website

Study Content

The postgraduate degree programme Digital Data Management consists of basic subject modules, elective modules, practice-oriented real laboratories as well as design and transfer projects. After the 1st, 3rd and 5th module, there is a final module examination. The programme concludes in the 7th module with the writing of a Master's thesis and its defence.

In the currently valid module handbooks and study and examination regulations of the Information Sciences Department you will find the module overview, a detailed description of the modules and study contents as well as the study plan for the Digital Data Management degree programme.

Teaching formats

Using the blended learning principle, attendance and self-study alternate in a ratio of 1:4 to offer you great flexibility in organising your daily study routine. The classroom events in the form of seminars or real labs take place either on the campus in Berlin or Potsdam. You will be supported during your studies by the digital learning platform Moodle.

Subject modules

  • Module 1: Framework conditions of data management
  • Module 3: Data management technologies
  • Module 5: Methods of data management


  • Module 4: Real Lab Data
  • Module 4: Real Lab Technology
  • Module 4: Real Lab Methodology
  • Module 4: Selected Topics in Data Management


  • Module 2: Design project
  • Module 6: Transfer project

Final module

  • Module 7: Good scientific practice
  • Module 7: Master's thesis and defence

Module Handbooks & Regulations

A detailed description of the study contents, such as study plans and descriptions of individual modules of the Digital Data Management degree programme can be found in the module handbook as well as in the subject-specific study and examination regulations.
Further documents can be found in the official announcements.

Application & Contact

At a glance

The most important deadlines, dates and admission requirements for the Master's programme in Digital Data Management are compiled here. You can find out which steps you need to take for a successful application in the next section.

Please note: The semester fee and fees of 1,975 euros per semester apply.

Deadlines & Dates

  • Note: No enrolment for summer semester 2024

Access requirements

  • First professional university degree (180 ECTS credits) from a university recognised by the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • 12 months of study-relevant work experience (full-time), including 2 months in the field of (digital) information and data science

This is how you apply!

In the following, we explain which aspects you should pay attention to from the online application to enrolment (registration).

The application for the summer semester takes place from 01th of December to 22nd of January online in the MyCampus university portal of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.

Documents to be submitted

When applying online, the following documents must be submitted as PDF files in the application portal:

  • University degree certificate(s) including Diploma Supplement
  • Proof of previous professional experience
  • Letter of motivation

Notes on the letter of motivation

The letter of motivation should be no more than 3 pages long and should provide information about the applicant's motivation and identification with the chosen degree programme and the intended profession. In particular, the motivation to study should be explained in a differentiated manner and placed in the context of the applicant's previous career and professional prospects.

The evaluation is based on the following criteria:

  • no more than three pages in length
  • Comprehensible justification of the motivation to study in the context of previous studies, professional activity as well as professional perspectives
  • reflection on expectations of the degree programme against the background of the modules and competence goals of the degree programme
  • Formal aspects such as internal structuring of the text, clarity of language, grammar, etc.


After completing your online application in the MyCampus university portal, you will receive a personal checklist with the following information:

  • List of all supporting documents that you have uploaded as PDF files according to your specifications in the online application.
  • Notes on the further course of the procedure

Selection procedure

All applicants who fulfil the admission requirements for the Digital Data Management degree programme take part in the allocation of study places. For the allocation of places in the first semester, the number of places to be allocated (usually 25) is subtracted in advance:

  • all applicants who could not accept an earlier admission due to service
  • 11 % for applicants with a foreign higher education entrance qualification
  • 3 % for applicants who are to be considered on the basis of hardship.

The remaining places are allocated 90% according to the results of a university selection procedure and 10% according to waiting time. The selection procedure is based on the following criteria (weighting in brackets):

  • Grade of the professionally qualifying university degree (40 %)
  • Previous professional experience (35 %)
  • Letter of motivation (25 %)


Following the university selection procedure, the award procedure is carried out. Applicants with a correspondingly high ranking will receive a time-limited offer of admission in the MyCampus university portal, which you must actively accept. Once you have accepted the offer of admission, you will find your notification of admission in the MyCampus university portal. If you do not accept the offer of admission by the deadline, the ranking list will continue to be processed and the place will be reallocated.

You have accepted the offer of admission and received your letter of admission? Then you have the option of submitting an enrolment application for the winter semester in the MyCampus university portal of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.

Once you have submitted your online application for enrolment, please submit the printed and signed application together with all required documents (according to the enrolment application) in paper form by the deadline. The day of the matriculation deadline is decisive for the submission of the documents, whereby the date of receipt at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam is decisive.

Do you have questions about the enrolment process at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam? We have compiled frequently asked questions and answers about enrolment and admission.

Further information

The following links provide you, and especially international applicants, with further information on the topics of application and enrolment at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.

Girlande mit internationalen Flaggen

International applicants

You would like to apply for studies from the first or a higher semester and have acquired your school-leaving qualification and/or university degree abroad? Then you can have degrees and achievements acquired abroad recognised and study with us.

Application information for internationals

Drei Studierende schauen sich Infomaterialien der FH Potsdam an

Application & Enrolment Procedure

The Application and Study Service provides information and advice on general questions regarding the application process, admission and enrolment at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, application for a higher semester, but also on topics such as compensation for disadvantages, part-time studies, waiting semesters and hardship applications.

Application & Enrolment University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

Contact & Services

The Student Counselling Service provides information and advice on general questions about studying as well as on topics such as choosing a degree programme, application, enrolment and study organisation.

For subject-specific questions about module content, credit transfer, examinations or specialisations in the Master's programme Digital Data Management, the Subject Counselling Service is the right place to go.

Subject Counselling Service

Student Financing

Room 3.02a

Family Affairs Commissioner

Room 026

Office hours

Tue and Thu 9.30 am – 1.30 pm

Commissioner for University Employees with Impairment

Room 201

Office hours

by arrangement

Contact Persons Department of Student Affairs