Welcome to "Arts Management & Cultural Work" in Potsdam

The degree programme Arts Management and Cultural Work is an indispensible qualification for a career in cultural mediation and management in both the non-profit and commercial sectors. Cultural work is regarded as a means to design social and aesthetic processes and this is reflected in the programme.

The degree programme seeks to train students in cultural management of institutions and projects and in cultural mediation through a broad range of cultural-scientific theory and managerial practice courses.

Taught courses are available on the following topics:

  • cultural studies and cultural and educational policy,
  • cultural philosophy and aesthetics,
  • cultural management and project work,
  • media theory and practice
  • self-management and presentation.

The programme attaches great importance to a solid scientific training in combination with the implementation of the acquired knowledge in projects and internships. Therefore, the impartation of theoretical basics as well as practice-oriented knowledge is tightly knit in all fields of study. Beyond that, the programme offers a lot of possibilities to explore and open up professional fields of cultural practice. Contacts to partners working in the field of culture result from project work, internships, field studies and the invitation of guest lecturers.

The department of Arts Management and Cultural Work at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences is particularly devoted to international cultural work and organises international projects, student exchanges, internships abroad and conferences on the topic of international culture management.

Job opportunities exist in the public cultural sector, with independent institutions, in the cultural industry as well as working as a freelancer. Especially the following occupational areas come into consideration: management in cultural institutions and projects, marketing, public relations and project development.

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Courses in English

Foto: Uwe Hanf

Below you will find the descriptions of our main modules with some examples of courses in English. In each semester we offer some different courses in English – the main programme, however, is in German.

English Modules (PDF)fileadmin/user_upload/fb-architektur_und_staedtebau/dokumente/Kulturarbeit_Downloads/english_program.pdf